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Josh Roopchand - For President

My name is Joshua Roopchand. I am a Business Administration student in my second year here at RRC. This year I hope to represent students of Red River College as President of the Red River College Students’ Association. 

As President I would work to improve the lives, experience, and quality of education for all students to the best of my ability. I am a firm believer that the SA is a great host to many such vital opportunities for students. However, we first need to engage students and have them involved to see the value of these opportunities. The Students’ Association exists because of the students and its goal is to represent the students, but there is a disconnect of students who know what the SA does and want to be involved. I plan to work towards increasing student involvement by planning worthwhile events that make and foster networks among students to help them when they enter the workforce. Education for the workforce and a career is a great thing but by helping students to expand their network and experience, we enable them to enhance their career. This will come in the form of workshops, and networking events, which I will endeavor to tailor to our students so that they are receiving the most out of their time. I will actively look to enrich the value of students programs by providing workshops that teach vital skills for finding employment and creating opportunities for students to meet potential employers and creating networks.

Part of having a network is also being comfortable to share and experience with students of many different backgrounds, programs, and connect with them in a positive manner. With this in mind I will be working to create a safe community for all students, with an emphasis on recognizing the diversity of our student body and encouraging self expression. I had the pleasure of helping a student to coordinate the Turban Pride Event this year, and I am looking for to seeing, and encouraging many more of these celebratory events to the campus.

I have had the pleasure to sit on the HMHC student wellness committee this past year and I do hope to do so again. We had a phenomenal year with our Thrive events and hopefully we can better provide for the next year. Hopefully we have connected students and allowed them more access and information to supports available to them for mental health. This will have to be carried forward with ever increasing momentum from our campaigns to look at providing more supports if students are requesting more service. 

As well as looking to improve what we provide to students, we also need to be looking at our Association to ensure that we are providing exactly what students need in an efficient, responsible, and cost effective manner. In this position I will be representing students by being accountable to them. I will strive to ensure that students get value from every dollar they spend in student fees by giving students the information required to hold the Association and myself accountable. A plan on student engagement ties directly into this as we also need to ensure that students can communicate concerns, requests, questions, and needs to us, and where we can then act on those inquiries. I will work within the Students Association to ensure efficiency, fair representation and that issues important to students are heard. This will be done by keeping an open door to student ideas and concerns with a view to continuous improvement in representation, not only in the office, but out to the halls and in the classrooms where students have high interaction points. 

In addition to federal representation and advocacy for the SA i would like to continue to work on a project I started last year. This will be looking towards a collaboration with other Universities and colleges in Manitoba, to start a provincial chapter in our advocacy efforts. I also had the pleasure of representing students from RRC, within our federal advocacy group CASA. CASA has done some great work this year with our Mental Health campaign and I look forward to working together with them. 

One of my final points I will work to is greater representation and reach of the Students Association to our students. I believe this is an area that can be greatly improved, as many students may have heard about us, but have not had any chance for interactions. This is something I very recently encountered during the current nomination process. I would like to extend a big thanks to the welding students who took the time to voice their concerns. I will look to work with the College and departments, to ensure that students are being given the right conditions to complete their programs with industry standards in mind. 

In closing, I hope to have a chance to represent you this year, with a vision to Accountability, Engagement, and Responsibility to our students. 

Carmen McIntosh - For VP Academic

Hello RRC! My name is Carmen McIntosh and I am running for Vice President Academic of the Red River College Students’ Association, for the 2019/2020 term.

I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Treaty 1 territory and that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation.
I am currently a student in Business Administration, at the Notre Dame campus. I aim to represent all students, inclusive of all academic programs, campuses, ages, races, creeds, abilities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. The college has felt like home to me since the day I started here, and I want to promote a welcoming, inclusive and rewarding experience for all students.

I have spent the last two years acting as a class representative, and attending the RRCSA meetings. In addition to this, I have volunteered for Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), including the #StudentsLetsAct campaign for increased mental health supports in post-secondary education. I have also participated in the intercultural mentorship program.

I am currently sitting as a coordinator at the RRCSA Spectrum, a new space in the school designated toward the LGBT2SQ+ and ally community. I have been working to set up the space, obtain resources for students, and plan events.

If elected, my duties will be to act as an advocate for members involved in a student appeal, advise students in the appeal process, recruit students to act as class representatives, and chair these meetings, as well as other executive duties. My personal major goals while in office are:


  1. Hold more events to foster community involvement. I would like to bring in more guest speakers from a variety of fields, who can bring value to students in the form of industry and career specific insight, as well as fun events which serve to unite students from all programs, such as musical and recreational events. I would like to set up a suggestion box for events, so the RRCSA can plan more relevant, meaningful experiences to benefit the student body.
  2. Work with the college and external organizations to increase scholarship and bursary opportunities, decreasing the financial burden of classes, textbooks and resources. I would also like to improve the existing campus bookstore buyback program, so students can save money, and earn some of their investment back.
  3. Promote awareness of college supports. There are many spaces, services and supports available to students that are not fully taken advantage of. Some of these things I was not aware of until recently, so I would like to increase the visibility for these services and supports in order to ensure all students get the best college experience possible, while fostering both their physical and mental health.  Some examples include how to access tutoring, counselling, the campus food bank, on campus childcare, the health clinic, and insurance plans. 
  4. Increased mental health supports for students. This is a cause that I am very passionate about. Following my experiences volunteering with CASA, #StudentsLetsAct campaign, I continue to advocate for mental health awareness on campus. I plan to decrease the stigma across campus regarding reaching out for support, in addition to increasing the awareness of resources that are available to students, putting in the work to secure more resources for the future.


If you have any questions or would like to speak about my platform, please feel free to email me directly at

Yash Chopra - For VP Internal

Hello everyone, my name is Yash Chopra and I am a student enrolled in Business Administration course at Red River College. I will be finishing my first year at Red River College this April and, will be running for the VP-Internal position at the upcoming RRCSA Elections. I have a great interest in events and my primary goal is to promote cultural diversity among students around the campus through various cultural events and improve their experience at Red River College.

My previous experience includes being an event manager and organising various events, seminars and conferences. As I am doing a cultural event in April,2019, I want students to come ahead with the idea of various cultural events. Being a part of this diverse and global workplace with many people present from across the globe, I would like them to step ahead with the idea of various cultural events and if elected as VP-Internal, I will do the best I can to help them.

College isn’t just about academics: Consider your life outside of class

With this idea in my mind and my skill set, I decided to run for this position. People who know me would easily be able to tell what kind of easy, outgoing and friendly person I really am. Establishing relationships with student and staff and improving their RRC Experience is a tough yet achievable task that must be attained for overall success of everyone.

Moreover, my focus will be to advance student growth, elevate their success and cultivate strategic partnerships between students, teachers and college. A great way to achieve all these targets will be by promoting “Healthy Minds Healthy College’’ initiative. Also as the RRCSA’s strategic plan would be coming to an end next year, it would become equally necessary to work on the current strategic plan as well as to draft a new strategic plan.

Building a link for students to positively communicate with college administration is major task I will be carrying out being in this position. Increasing communication with students on all the issues and problems they are facing and resolving them positively is a main task of this position. Creating a safe, responsive and mentally healthy environment for students will also be a goal upon being in this position.

So, with all these agendas of cultural diversity, advocacy, planning, wellness and sustainability, I would like to run for this position and with support of all the students, I am willing to achieve my goal and focus on the responsibilities and duties. I would love to hear from all of you, so feel free to contact me anytime on my e-mail.

Melissa Ghidoni - For VP External

Melissa Ghidoni

Having been a Red River student for the past two years, I understand how important it is to have your voice heard. The Vice President External’s role is to advocate for students at all external campuses, however this has not been achieved in recent years. The students deserve a representative who is not only visible and accessible to them but will acknowledge their concerns and respond to them in an effective and responsible manner. My goal is to foster an inclusive environment that contributes to the ongoing improvement of the Red River College Student’s Association.

I have been involved with advocacy for much of my life through various volunteer opportunities. These experiences have included working closely with students with disabilities, being a volunteer counsellor at Women’s Health Clinic, and most recently representing women’s rights on the Student Association Board. I am not running for the status of the position, but because I genuinely care about the students of Red River College.

I strongly believe that what matters is not what you promise to do, but what you deliver. It’s time that the members of the Student’s Association had a VP External with integrity that takes this position seriously, and I believe I am that woman.

Jasmeet Singh Grewal - For VP External

My name is Jasmeet Singh Grewal and I am studying Business Technology Management. I believe I am suitable candidate to be a VP External in EDC Campus as I have the qualities, skills and experiences of leadership, organising and planning and communication and listening skills. I believe in unity on campus and giving everyone a fair go and say despite gender, nationality, religion or belief. I want to be the voice of RRC students. I would like to create more interaction between the RRCSA and students on campus in both social and academic matters. I have volunteer experiences working on campus and helping people and hence would like to have the honour of representing the students.


Jasmeet Singh Grewal

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On June 10, 1974, the Students’ Association was incorporated by an act of the Manitoba Legislature making it an independent legal and business entity.

The Students’ Association acts primarily as an advocate for student concerns. We develop spaces such as the Cave Lounge, Workshop, Coffee Shop in STTC, LGBTTQ* Centre and many others. 

Throughout the school year, we organize events and activities ANY student can participate in and most of them completely free.  Some jammed packed weeks to keep an eye out for are Disorientation Week and Melt Down Week!

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